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Catalysing growth.
Creating movement.

"Great people are asking the right questions about how the church and discipleship need to evolve. We provide frameworks & tools to get it done."

As practitioners embedded in local church ministry, we grapple like every leader with the need for better ways to grow people and christian communities.

Our offerings fit within a growth framework that begins before a person's step of faith, and heads towards having healthy, multiplying Christians going viral in their region. 



Thousands have experienced our growth catalysing courses and training. 

Building off a strong evangelical theology with a "renewal" edge,  ConneXa is the overflow of Kenmore Church's value to "Get it right and give it away".

Inviting a fresh expression of God's presence to all we do, our materials are used in Baptist, Pentecostal, Churches of Christ, Lutheran and many other movements to bring new depth & life. 


Patrick Hegarty - Founder

Following a career in engineering and business, Patrick entered ministry in 2003 - focussing on transformation, leadership and strategy within a large church, he subsequently ventured into senior leadership.


Then with a vision for a scalable way to build the church, rather than a church, he planted Kenmore Church in 2019 with his wife, Trish.

Now a thriving multi-service church, Kenmore has become a development & resource hub serving churches and movements through ConneXa.

Patrick has authored eight books, consults on renewal, leadership and formation broadly, and sits on the CofCQ state conference council

He is also the national lead of M4 Australia, an equipping organisation for the church-planting movement.

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1 day workshops
4 session learning workshops (9am-4:30pm).  
Workshop Options:

  • Creating your own Growth Track

  • Running ConneXa courses in your church

  • Custom

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Workshop Options:

  • Extended Growth Track consult (incl. courses)

  • Strategic Planning for your church

  • Leaders who S.E.R.V.E. Team Training

  • Prayer Ministry Training

  • Custom

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