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ConneXa (Latin: joining together)


Connecting development resources with the people who need them. 

A strategic partneship between Churches of Christ Qld and Kenmore.Church, ConneXa provides frameworks, training, resources and coaching in the areas of discipleship, leadership and church planting.


We are currently focussed on resourcing churches with development and formation pathways and creating an incubator for church planters.



Our transformational materials and retreats have impacted the lives of thousands of people.

Created to catalyse growth through common formational barriers, these pathways combine:

  • Relational journeying

  • Stretching experiences

  • An encounter with the Spirit

  • Principle-based content.


Pastor and author Patrick Hegarty is the founder of ConneXa.

"Two questions drive what we do... 

  1.  "How do we create environments, relationships and materials that lead people toward a deeper experience of God?

  2.  "If Jesus wanted to save 50000 people in any area, what sort of scalable framework for church(s) could keep up?"


Our response is to create resources and frameworks that fill hearts and fuel mission without limit. 

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