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Catalysing true
spiritual formation
& mission. 

GrowthTRACK provides you with the framework and resources to integrate fruitful discipleship into your church.
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An ecosystem of resources, relationships and experiences.
  • Formation Courses.
  • Peak Experiences.
  • Relational cohorts.
  • Biblical Content.
  • A Multiplying Model. 
  • Reliance on the Spirit.
The GrowthTRACK offers a formation pathway that results in a multiplying culture, but which also embraces the profound journey to maturity that Christ followers take over their lifetime.

Only a full-heart can fuel mission.
About GrowthTRACK
When it comes to defining what we should be about as disciples, we might sum it up as simply loving God and people. But telling people to go do that hasn't proven to be an effective formation strategy.
But if we look a little deeper, we see that Jesus emphasised four heart-markers for those who would call themselves disciples.
  • FAITH: active reliance on who God is, what He has done and what He has said in His word.
  • FREEDOM: no longer constrained by our flesh, brokenness and addictions.
 Two are MISSIONAL: 
  • FOLLOWING: being about His mission in a way that follows His lead and honours who we are.
  • FRUITFULNESS: Able to multiply in others what God has done in us - including mission.

 GrowthTRACK is a framework that: 
  • Identifies the spiritual practices for each season.
  • Provides and suggests great resources to catalyse movement from one season to the next.
  • Provides coaching and training in how to integrate all this into your church culture.
Discover more about the principles and practices of GrowthTRACK in the articles below.
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Formation Titles

We recommend resources from providors which will work great in your own GrowthTRACK.

The following titles have been produced by us to meet a specific and important need in the discipleship journey. We also provide training and coaching in facilitating these materials, or invite you to join us as we lead trough them until you can.



Activating the potential of a renewed soul.




For those who know itis time for a change.




Giving YADs clarity and confidence in their faith.




For those who will take up their eternal calling.

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