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A multiplying discipleship framework and resource set.

Spiritual growth is about coming to life.

Those committed to loving God & people need full hearts to fuel their mission.

rowthTRACK takes you there.
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Growing reliance on who God is, what He has said, and His offer of life.

For those new or coming to faith we recommend Alpha or similar programs. For Christians desiring a deeper faith, and a new ability to partner with what the Spirit is doing in their life we have developed:

Activating the potential of a renewed soul.



Learning to live FROM God, not only FOR God.

For those wanting to breakthrough in a specific area of their life we have developed:


For those who know it is time for a change.



Discovering my purpose and unique calling.

For those wanting to understand the depth and breadth of their purpose and calling we have developed:


For those who know it is time for a change.



Multiplying your influence in the world.

For those wanting to grow in leadership capacity we have developed:

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Various equipping modules.

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