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Filling Out your Discipleship Framework

A discipleship framework and culture that not only brings people to life in Christ, but also multiplies naturally is the Holy Grail in Australia.

If we have defined what our discipleship goal is, and know how to get there, we can work to ensure the right elements of a multiplying culture are in place to enable people to continue to take next steps.

Our GrowthTRACK framework breaksdown the formation journey, equipping people in:

Filling Hearts:

  • Faith: A growing reliance on who God is and what He has said.

  • Freedom: Learning to live from God, not merely for God.

Fuelling Mission:

  • Following: Discovering and walking in my purpose and unique calling.

  • Fruitfulness: Multiplying my influence in the world.

If we are to be disciple-making churches, then there is a role to play in forming all four elements in people's lives over a life-long journey.

True growth in any area requires four transformational dynamics to be applied. Once we are aware of these we can weave them into our growth pathway. With that in mind, we suggest the following resources are effective for your own version of a discipleship Growth Track.


  • re:FRESH: Six-week intensive with weekend retreat. Great for more seasoned Christians looking to take their faith to a new place. More here.

  • Alpha: For those with questions about faith. Also a great early discipleship tool that utilises all four transformational dynamics to great effect.

  • Christianity Explained. An effective 6-week course with a a straightforward introduction for people wanting to find out about Jesus.

  • Discovery Bible Study: A simple, powerful and relational way to demonstrate and replicate early discipleship. Many tools are available to implement this in your church including: Building Discipleship Culture (BDC); and the 3DM models by Mike Breen.

  • Join a small group: A strong group network remains important to establish relationships and accountability in our discipleship journey.

  • Promote baptism: Making this public step and declaration proves to be a significant moment of growth in many.


  • re:FORM: Six-week intensive with weekend retreat. For those ready to break free from old ways of thinking; fears, addictions or any other unhelpful practice. More here.

  • Spiritual Mentors: Finding freedom is one thing, but walking it out over time is a process. We recommend people find a spiritual director or "soul-friend" with whom they can meet regularly. We recommend those who have undertaken the Stillpoint Centre training process.

  • Prayer Ministry Team: Create a well equipped team in how to undertake inner-healing modes of ministry. More here.

  • Emotionally Healthy Discipleship: A powerful curriculum for establishing healthy lifestyle habits. More here.

  • Spiritual Disciplines: Provide simple guides for key practices that build character; resilience and connection to God. The Transformation Trek by Steve Grey is a great resource for this.


  • re:FOCUS: Six-week intensive with weekend retreat. Helps participants understand God’s purpose and calling, and how that works out for every season of life. Activates spiritual gifts and “active following”. More here.

  • Join a ministry team.

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment: Helpful for highlighting and activating spiritual gifts.

  • Spiritual relationships: This phase of maturity benefits hugely from mentoring and close friendships that inspire or encourage.


  • Leadership Development: Equip leadership and teams for ministry and outreach programs.

  • Missional Training: Equip your people in evangelism, leading a group, or discovery bible study.

  • Church Planting: Equip and send teams to establish new missional communities and networks.

  • B.L.E.S.S.: A set of disciplines to awaken a missional rhythm for life.

  • Community Engagement: Establish activities and groups where people from all walks of life can come together with common interests. Use these as missional “fishing ponds”.


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