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Activating the potential of a renewed soul





Great for Individuals, small-groups and churches who need a literal breath of refreshing from God, or who are looking to embrace more of what is available to them in the Spirit.

re:FRESH is a course for those who want to take a journey into being empowered in the areas of life and need that Jesus actually promised. 

  • Engage in the DAILY CONTENT – 5 short readings/week, for 6 weeks.

  • Weekly GROUP MEETINGS – to process content and pray together.

  • Attend a mid-course WEEKEND RETREAT – for maximum impact.



re:FRESH brings participants back to the powerful and credible middle ground of personal renewal. 

When believers grapple with the topic and practice of Holy Spirit renewal, it normally focuses on signs, wonders and spiritual gifts. But there is more.


This book initially explores how the Spirit indwells to meet our deepest needs for intimacy with God, freedom from bondage, and purpose for life - areas where most Christians struggle to apply what is promised. Then it moves on to look at the broader facets of walking in the power of the Spirit, and how much more is available. 

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