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Equipping a new type of church leader.


Combining practical experience, transfomational content, cohorts, and academic awards* to create a new type of church leader



LeaderTrack pathways provide an opportunity to join with others to share experiences and support.

Whilst undertaking practical experience in your own church, we invite you residentials, retreats and ministry opportunities throughout the year to expand your network and diversify your learning.

ConneXa College is a training providor for Churches of Christ in Qld.

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LeaderTrack 2023 Pathways

In 2023, we commence our LeaderTrack, offering two pathway options: ACOM Certificate or Diploma, or Formation Year. Both provide access to cohorted experiences and extra compulsory elements. 


If participants are undertaking studies with providors other than ACOM, we can offer a solution that includes the experiences and content unique to ConneXa. We may also suggest undertaking the Formation Year journey in addition to their existing studies.

For those wanting to go further, our second year will build on the first. Those who have completed Certificate level, can complete a Diploma of Ministry. Those who have done Formation Year can undertake the Certificate of Ministry.




SUITS: Those looking for a full-immersion Intern experience, particularly as part of a cohort. 





SUITS: Volunteer leaders and those on a path to vocational ministry. 



"Despite 30 years of heightened focus in training - we have fewer high calbre leaders than ever. Academic systems create academics. Only a leadership system can create leaders."


By integrating accredited content streams with competency-based outcomes, we are embarking on the exciting and ambitious goal of producing a new generation of high-capacity church leaders.

ConneXa provides: Cohorts; shared experiences; stretching assignments; innovative content; exposure to proven leaders.

New Leader

How does Leader Track work?

Our primary goal is to equip you as a leader in the local church setting.

That requires more than an academic qualification. Leaders are made by other leaders. They need key relationships, stretching experiences, an encounter with God and the right information.

With the primary goal in mind, we ensure all ingredients for growing healthy leaders are in place.

We have formed a strategic relationship with ACOM as our academic providor, and wrap that content in a powerful and life-growing context.



1st Quarter:


2nd Quarter:

  • Dates: 16 Apr - 18 Jun.

  • Residential 1: 17-20 Apr.


3rd Quarter:

  • Dates: 16 Jul - 17 Sep.

  • re:FOCUS retreat: 4-5 Aug.


4th Quarter:

Frequent Questions

What comes with the LeaderTrack registration (yr 1)?

  • Leaders who SERVE course and Facilitation days.

  • re:FOCUS course

  • 2 Facilitations (3-days each) at Kenmore Campus.

  • XCC or Arise Challenge (optional).

  • Mentoring and Supervision as pre-arranged.

What does LeaderTrack cost?

Year 1 - $990.
Extras & options: ACOM fees if applicable; XCC for men ($360) or Arise for women ($250); Formation Year $1500.

How are payments made?

Once we receive your application we will work with you to process payments before the cut-off date. We can facilitate quartely payments in advance.

Do my Learning Pathway options cost extra?

Yes. Leadertrack payments cover the inclusions noted above, not the Learning Pathway Options. You can apply to partake in Formation Year in your LeaderTrack application. If you are undertaking ACOM Certificate or Diploma streams apply here.

Is Fee Help available?

Fee-help and similar benefits are applicable to ACOM pathways. If you are undertaking studies at another institution, apply there seperately.

How do I apply with ACOM for Certificate or Diploma pathways.

Go to the ACOM website Application page and follow the instrictions and next-steps. You will need to mention you are taking part in the ConneXa College cohort.

What are the XCC and Arise Challenges about?

Facilitated by 4th Muskateer Australia, these mulit-day challenges provide a physical and spiritual challenge for men and women that is a transformational and stretching experience that you can do alone or as part of your cohort. More at the 4MAUS website. These challenges are optional but encouraged.

What if I don't live in S.E.Qld.?

Weekly meet-ups can happen online if local groups aren't available. Participants can join us for retreats in SEQ, or may be able to host locally if viable.



Where did ConneXa originate?

ConneXa is an inititative of Kenmore Church of Christ in Brisbane. Read more about what ConneXa is about here.

What is ConneXa's theological framework?

Orthodox evangelical theology with a charismatic edge. (Think Baptist; Churches of Christ; Pentecostal etc.) Check out the core theology statement here.

Our Academic Providor


Pathways with awards are provided in partnership with the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM). ACOM is a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity who offer internationally recognised higher education awards.

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