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A master/apprentice model for emerging church leaders.

Learn how to lead in church from within a church.

In dreaming of a more effective way to grow church leaders, we merely rediscovered the way Jesus did it - as a master trains his disciple.

Only leaders can grow leaders.

So, we are creating a whole new pathway for the modern setting. A way for emerging leaders to learn the practical skills for growing a healthy multiplying church. It will begin to role out soon - contact us to be a part.

Modules will include:

  • Visioneering, strategy and planning cycles.

  • Thriving in a world of governance.

  • Getting the basics of church ministry right.

  • Designing your Sunday.

  • Working with staff, teams and H.R.

  • Understanding and changing church culture.

  • Embedding multiplication.

  • Reaching your community.

  • Communication, Web and Social.

  • And more ... so much more.

We will equip both pastors and their emerging (apprentice) leaders in how to apply the materials. Plus we will provide coaching for both of these roles so no one stands alone.


This is the way of the future. These are the ancient pathways that have always built the kingdom. 

Stay tuned - more coming soon!



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How to run our formation courses to great effect.



For leaders of major ministries in a local church.



Creating a powerful prayer ministry team.



By integrating the terminology, practices and priorities in our discipleship, leadership and planting pathways, we create a powerful model of multiplying development.
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