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Training, resources and networks to catalyse new growth for the Church in all its forms. 



More detail on these programs and events coming soon.

YOUNG ADULTS:  re:LEASE course/retreat (Feb)


EVANGELISM: Alpha Campaign (May)
DISCIPLESHIP: Creating a GrowthTRACK (Jun)


In partnership with Churches of Christ Qld we are undertaking an audacious and strategic vision to plant new churches and develop replicating leaders and disciples.

You are invited to join us!

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What is the Creating Forward Movement (CFM) initiative?

In response to the continuing numerical decline in the numbers of healthy churches, Churches of Christ Qld are partnering with ConneXa to catalyse growth in church planting, leadership and spiritual formation.

In a wide-reaching and integrated strategy, we will work with existing and emerging leaders to:
  1. Create effective formation culture within their churches.
  2. Develop a leadership incubator for a new generation of leaders and planters.
  3. Adopt a regional approach to "church", assessing where new churches might be positioned or where existing churches can work together to increase viabiity and health.
Leaders are invited to opt-in to the various offerings.
Upcoming CFM initiatives:
  • Young Adult Experience:
    Feb 2024. Helping young people navigate the issues of career, relationships and spiritual life. App-based content, weekly meet-ups, weekend retreat.
  • New Thing movement building cohort:
    March 2024. Equipping leaders to create multiplying cultures. More detail below.
  • CofCQ  Alpha: 
    Run Alpha in May/Jun - receive team training and promo material from Alpha direct.
  • GrowthTRACK
    May 2024. A whole-person discipleship framework for churches that catalyses growth. Resources provided and recommended for each context as well as training in how to implement a GrowthTRACK in your church.

  • M4 Church Planting system:
    April 2024. Training in coaching and assessment of church planters and teams.
To find out more on any of the upcoming initiatives, contact Patrick Hegarty now.
Worker with Ladder

 Join the March 2024 working group. 

Join us in March 2024 

Attend three 2-day workshops throughout 2024 at Kenmore Campus:

  • Workshop 1: Reproducing Disciples Catalyst.
    Mar 15-16 2024


  • Workshop 2: Reproducing Leaders Catalyst.
    Jul 2024 (TBC)


  • Workshop 3: Reproducing Churches Catalyst.
    Nov 2024 (TBC)


The initial cohort will be directed by Matt Millar, Global Operations Director of the New Thing organisation.

Between workshops, monthly zoom support sessions will be held for support and coaching. This is a customised process for CofCQ to equip our own team of coaches who will replicate the process for a second cohort beginning July 2024 (with Workshop 1) while the initial cohort then undertakes Workshop 2.

Detail of costs and dates will come closer to the date, but will be in the realm of $200 for the two days (inc. M/tea and Lunch) with participants paying for their own accommodation as required.


Want to know more or join us?

Fill in the enquiry for below and we will get back to you with detail and next steps. 

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