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 APRIL 24 - 2022 

When life in your own strength just won't do.

A six-week journey of re-engaging with God and His purpose for you.

About En-theos -  In it's lightest form, en-theos an inspiring and easy-to-undertake devotional and small-group series. It is particuarly helpful for those looking to either restart or upgrade their engagement with God after a prolonged wilderness period.


Subscribers get access to:


  • Teaching messages (7. In-person or online from April 24) which can be used in small groups.

  • Small group facilitation notes. (6)

  • 2 email devotions per week to further apply the principles.

Take it deeper.

Participants are invited to attend our weekly Sanctuary sessions at Kenmore Church (7:00-8:00pm). Here you can enter into extended worship, and receive ministry in the Holy Spirit from our prophetic team. From 8:00pm you can book a space for your group to break-out and work through the material.

Optional weekend retreat experience. 

Kenmore Church are hosting a powerful weekend for participants (20-21 May). There you will receive deeper teaching, activation and ministry in the Holy Spirit. Registrations open soon. 

Subscribe to be part of en-theos



For two years now people have been locked-down and disrupted.

But even before that, so many were over-loaded. Some had become disillusioned. Others were de-constructing.


And yet the cry within all of us is to re-connect with God - to know the power of His Spirit and the encouragement of His voice.



en-theos (Gk: "the god within" - en-thusiasm)

This six-week journey provides spaces, content and relationships to begin the next season of your walk with God. Wherever you are at, next-steps are always before you as you consolidate all you have experienced to do things differently.



  1. RESET: Begin the process of moving forward by taking a fresh look at who you have become, who God really is, and what to do about it.

  2. REDISCOVER: Our old ways of thinking and acting won't get us to a new place. We need to look afresh at the person of Jesus, and how He lived beyond religiosity and false expectations. He shows us how a human can live with God and overcome.

  3. RELY: Christian life is imposssible - you have probably found that out by now. Switch from living FOR God to living FROM God. Belief is an idea that is larger than life.

  4. RESPOND: Purpose is found by listening and following the Master's voice. Only when you can follow moment-by-moment do you trutly find yourself.

  5. REPENT: Can we really turn away from an obligation to sin? You can't, but God in you can!

  6. REVIVE: Without the tangible presence of God's Spirit in and upon us - we are merely dust. We need to learn to breathe.

  7. RESOLVE: What then shall you resolve to do and be in this new idea of normal?

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