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Equipping you to build leaders and multiple teams.


Tier 2. For those needing to build capacity of leaders and teams. With your limited time, how do you grow a ministry without getting burned out? How do you develop new leaders in a distinctly Christian way? How do you build capacity, and make space for God to do what only He can? These questions and more are answered, and you will be given tools and experiences to apply it in your own context.

This course takes participants on a powerful journey of creating a motivated and healthy ministry & team. On completion they will be able to envision and equip people to not only be on a journey of leadeship growth, but to bear measurable fruit towards a team mission.



​Topic List:

  1. Compelling Reason - Identifying your ministry's purpose

  2. How it will look along the way - Defining vision; values & strategic intent

  3. Structure your ministry to grow

  4. Growing capacity in your leaders and team

  5. How to grow leaders with four transfromational dynamics

  6. Pathways to multiplication - growth pathways and situational leadership

  7. Sustainable Leadership

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