Learning to live without stopping your life.

Discover who you are; how to walk more closely with God; and where you fit in the most worthy mission there is. 


Formation Year is a pathway of experiencing God, delving deeply into biblical themes, and clarifying your divine purpose.



  • FOUNDATION: A secure foundation in the core themes of scripture.

  • INTIMACY: Experience of God as a loving and powerful Father. 

  • FREEDOM: Equipping in how to grow and change with God's help.

  • CAPACITY: Stretching experiences to grow your inner-world.

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Strong bonds are formed as you journey through transformation. 

  • GUIDANCE: A clear understanding of God's mission and your unique place in it.



  • All materials (Printed; Online; Audio and Video)

  • Spiritual retreats (2) Weekends of God-encounters, love and grace.

  • Group and personal meet-ups - sometimes weekly, at other times less.

  • XCC (men) or Arise (women) Challenge (optional).


  • Accommodation and transport costs for Retreats and Facilitation days.



Since 2005 we have provided resources and experiences that have transformed the spiritual lives of thousands.


Frequent Questions

How does Formation Year work?

Formation year is comprised of a series of learning modules packed with tranformational principles and experiences. These comprise a mixture of online content, or short daily readings workshopped through weekly meet-ups and periodic retreat experiences. 

Content is available in printed, audio and video formats. Groups can meet Sunday evening at our Kenmore campus, locally*, or as an online meet-up. Retreats generally happen in SEQld, or can be held regionally by local hubs if possible*.

* Dependant on availability of qualified facilitators in the area.

What does Formation Year cost?

$1900 including all materials, Spiritual retreats (2), Group meetings and materials, Character Challenge (XCC for men - Arise for women) which is optional but encouraged. Excludes accommodation and travel.

Is financial assitance or a scholarship available?

Churches of Christ Qld have an Intern scholarship program available through your local CofCQ church. Other sources of scholarships are being investigated.

Can I pay progressively?

Yes, we can facilitate quartely payments in advance.


What if I don't live in S.E.Qld.?

Weekly meet-ups can happen online if local groups aren't available. Participants can join us for retreats in SEQ, or may be able to host locally if viable.

What are the XCC and Arise Challenges about?

Facilitated by 4th Muskateer Australia, these mulit-day challenges provide a physical and spiritual challenge for men and women that is a transformational and stretching experience that you can do alone or as part of your cohort. More at the 4MAUS website. These challenges are optional but encouraged.

Where did ConneXa originate?

ConneXa is an inititative of Kenmore Church of Christ in Brisbane. Read more about what ConneXa is about here.

What is ConneXa's theological framework?

Orthodox evangelical theology with a charismatic edge. (Think Baptist; Churches of Christ; Pentecostal etc.) Check out the core theology statement here.



1st Quarter:

  • Dates: 29 Jan - 02 Apr.

  • Main units: re:FORM.

  • re:FORM Retreat: 03-04 Mar.


2nd Quarter:

  • Dates: 16 Apr - 25 Jun.

  • Main units: Rhythms of Grace; God's Story Arc.


3rd Quarter:

  • Dates: 16 Jul - 17 Sep.

  • Main units: re:FOCUS; My Story Arc (Pt 1).

  • re:FOCUS Retreat: 4-5 Aug.

  • My Story Arc Workshop: 16 Sep.


4th Quarter:

  • Dates: 1 Oct - 26 Nov.

  • XCC Challenge (men) 28 Sep - Oct 1.

  • Arise Challenge (women) 20-22 Oct.

  • Main units: My Story Arc (Pt 2); Charting My Course.