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Five Capacities to Develop

It is hard to seperate what life mixes together - but there are five interwoven elements that combine to bring depth to calling.

Being a healthy disciple and leader is about far more than what you know theoretically, or can reproduce by way of skills. Christ build us as whole-people, and when we understand more deeply what He is about, we can cooperate more fully with the process.

CHRIST: Life-giving union through the Spirit.

Our intimate relationship with Christ is to be the fuel and focus for life. All fruitfullness is derived from abiding closely with Him (John 15:5).

CHARACTER: Inner-world strength and integrity. Our ability to function is capped over the long term by the condition and capacity of our unseen world.

COMMUNITY: A web of relationships that bring life.

We need the input and uniqueness of others as mentors, peers and learners.

CALLING: Honouring our unique design and trajectory.

We all have a different role to play and impact to have - there is no single profile of a disciple.

COMPETENCE: The skills required to function well. Finally, we each learn how to think, process and act so as to fulfill our calling in life.

Building Healthy Leaders

With the five C's (capacities) as our goal, and the four D's (dynamics) as our process, we can assemble a collage of learning experiences to create a framework for building healthy disciples and leaders.

The tools and books on this website are created to facilitate this framework.


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