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Why lives change

Since 2004 our various materials have catalysed significant break-through in people’s lives. It is not just about the books – they merely play a part.

Catalysing key movements where people need breakthrough.

The materials are developed to equip people in moving through their current season of growth. We all get stuck when our relationship with God doesn’t progress as the pressures of our life increase.

Going through the journey with others.

The materials work best when run in small groups. They also benefit greatly from including a weekend retreat (materials provided) when participants are stretched and blessed.

Multi-faceted approach

We suggest three primary spaces where the material is worked through.

  1. Personal daily reading. Content is broken up into short daily readings (or audio) with a personal application question to be answered. By doing it daily, it allows our mind to process and apply better.

  2. Weekly groups. One or more groups can gather to process the answers to the daily questions. This allows us to experience change with others who give us strength and wisdom.

  3. Weekend retreat. We strongly recommend that the participants experience a weekend away in which to workshop through new ideas away from their daily grind. Leaders can minister to each one, and God’s grace is invited to work in each one powerfully.

  4. Inviting new grace. We incorporate both Spirit and Truth into the process. If God doesn't work in us, then it is merely a self-help process.


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