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The heart of renewal

What is it that the Spirit is actually about in the heart of a believer? Could renewal be about much more than signs and wonders?

From the inside out

Jesus offered His followers abundant life (John 10:10), and that the Spirit would be powerfully with us forever, meeting our deepest needs (John 14:6).

Our conversations about the experience and effects of the Spirit in our life are often confined to signs and wonders. To be Spirit empowered is usually associated with operating in the gifts of the Spirit.

But there is more profound and powerful grace to be found in the areas of the human soul that, without God, leave us bereft of meaning and liberty. It is these areas where the deepest long term impact are experienced.

Intimacy, purpose and freedom are areas of our humanity that can only function healthily when we join with the Spirit for their fulfillment. And yet it is the partnership we need to form in these areas that is also the most elusive.

The absence of experience and understanding in how to engage with God in the deepest areas of our soul means our hearts can remain dry and lifeless, even though the promise of God to meet us there remains. That which is available is not automatic - we need to intentionally work with God in faith or the potential remains largely theoretical.

Heart Markers

In the absence of fruitfullness from within, we expect faithfullness fuelled by human will. But that has never worked - faithfullness is a fruit of the Spirit, not a replacement. But if we play our small part in embracing grace, then the covert heart-markers of His presence overflow to produce the overt markers that we would hope all believers display.

We access intimate relationship with God by faith; we find purpose as we follow His lead; and we know freedom as we excerise our newly gained freewill. We equip people in this journey in the re:FRESH course.


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