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Kenmore Church & ConneXa

What is ConneXa and how does it relate to Kenmore Church?

ConneXa is essentially the outward facing shop-front for resources that we develop for Kenmore Church as we fulfil our vision. ConneXa is an outworking of our core value to “Get it right and give it away”.

On the ConneXa website people buy materials, register for courses, undergo online training, and connect for coaching etc.

We have separated the online presence of Kenmore Church and ConneXa so that the resources aren’t identified with any one church or denomination – our net goes widely.

The current focus of ConneXa reflects Kenmore Church’s own strategy to produce a full development pathway for disciples, leaders and church planters.

Unsurprisingly, this agenda attracts the interest, partnership and support from groups outside of our church. For example, Churches of Christ Qld are partnering closely with us in development and partial funding for new resources and training to make available to our churches statewide.

In that way, by giving away what we have, we are receiving much in return to fuel the vision even more.

We are far from being the only group trying to bring growth to people and churches. Many great global providers are connecting to us - both contributing to and drawing from what we have.


ConneXa will grow in scope. At present, ConneXa is operating as a resourcing hub. But in time it may become a legal entity of its own from which to plant our own new churches, start a tax-deductable charity, or other things.

Its existence doesn’t draw energy away from what we do as a local church, but it takes what we are already committed to and makes it available to those who need it.


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