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Discovering clarity and confidence in running the race for Christ.

 For Young Adults 

re:LEASE unpacks key aspects of your identity, upbringing, and trajectory in life.

You’ll be equipped with the skills, attitudes and disciplines to face the future with a faith that will last the distance.

Nobody starts a race intending not to finish. So, why do so many young people leave faith behind as a relic of childhood or adolescence?

Many of us grow up in the church with the impression that faith is easy and success in the steps of Christian life are pretty much a formality.

But how can we prevent ourselves becoming another statistic?

What happens when you don’t fall into your dream job, don’t marry the spouse of your dreams, or those you love let you down?

 How does it work? 

A six-week experience

Do the course as a small group or cluster of groups joining together for the weekly meet-ups and a weekend retreat. Talk through your journey as you go via the app.

Impacting content

Each week three short teachings inform and guide you as you grapple with the themes of the course. You get to reflect and respond as you learn via the Hub App.

Weekly meet-ups

As you gather weekly for the duration, your saved responses to daily reflections become the fuel for conversation and application to life.

Weekend retreat

Registration includes a powerful retreat at Bornhoffen where we worship, activate ideas and invite God's Spirit to meet you powerfully.

 All on your device 

Access all your content, group chat, and responses through your favorite devices.

Audio, video and text content all in one place via The Hub App!

Access via course subscription.
Release Banner 1920-1080.jpg

 Course Themes 

Wk 1: What is the substance of my faith?

Wk 2: How did I get here?

Wk 3: Who am I ... in my work?

Wk 4: Who am I ... in my relationships?

Wk 5: Who am I ... in the church?

Wk 6: What does a life with Christ look like?

 Other Formation Titles 

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